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Welcome to the world of earth friendly food service products!
March, 2011

purepulpPure Pulp Products is the only  “All American” producer of 100% annual crop fiber plates, trays, bowls, and take-out clamshells for food service.   Our products are “tree free” and are a fully sustainable alternative to petroleum based products. 

We use American wheat & soybean plants to make our products.  Wheat & soy stalks are taken from the land after the grain & beans have been harvested.  The stalks are then ‘pulped’ to make fibers for our products.   We only take 1/3 of the stalks from the land, so the remaining 2/3 can be turned back into the ground to keep fertile land.  

Sustainable, Earth Friendly, and All American

We harvest 2 ½ times more pulp per acre per year than is possible with trees, because trees take 13 years to grow to maturity before they can be cut.  Since our entire process from harvesting to manufacturing is done in South Dakota, our carbon footprint is dramatically smaller than companies bringing fibers in from Asia.    We are not only helping the environment, but also the American farmer.  Since we are using stalks that the farmer would normally turn back into the land, we are increasing his revenue per acre by up to 20%! 

Technology and Performance 

Our process is earth friendly, but our products are strong & stand up to the toughest food service challenges.  While other plates & trays buckle when loaded, ours stand firm.  Many other products become soggy when wet or greasy food sits in them for more than a couple of minutes.  Our proprietary and earth friendly technology keeps our plates and trays from soaking up liquids & grease.  Our products are designed for oven and microwave use and will not become brittle when stored in a freezer. 

We also offer customized embossing, so you can add your name or logo to showcase how you are doing your part for the environment while building customer loyalty. 

Overall, there is no better solution for the environment and foodservice than Pure Pulp!!

Stop by and see us at booth #575 at the Chicago NRA show, May 20-24.  If you would like to receive a product sample, visit our website -

Pure Pulp Products, inc.
P.O. Box 113
Plankinton,South Dakota 57368
P. (907) 227 1801

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