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In-Touch Insight Systems Acquires Service Intelligence
April, 2012

Service Intelligence (“SI”) was acquired by In-Touch Insight Systems (“In-Touch”) in 2011 to form an industry powerhouse in Mystery Shopping, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, On-Site Auditing and Mobile Data Capture across North America.  This brought together over 50 years of experience in Mystery Shopping as In-Touch was founded in 1978 and SI in1992.  The company vision is quite simple; “Perfect Information. Instantly”.  In-Touch and SI are in a unique position to deliver on this promise through the ability to leverage a sister division that provides real time mobile data capture for fortune 500 clients as well as the governments of both Canada and the United States.

Atypically, In-Touch has bucked the industry trend towards the outsourcing of shopper management and reporting technology to third party companies. Instead, In-Touch chose to internalize product development - creating core competencies and providing customers with a much more robust and rich information platform for their Mystery Shopping programs than off-the-shelf solutions provided by many vendors.

In-Touch and SI customers benefit from proprietary reporting algorithms that changes the way results are presented and received.  Remember their vision of “Perfect Information. Instantly” - in addition to raw data, scorecards and standard reports the reporting system actually points out areas and items that require attention based on both the individual viewing the information and the criteria established during the program design.

In-Touch and SI also puts the power in your hands with client configuration. The web based, hosted solution starts you with a summary page about the most important issues and trends noticed by your internal auditors, mystery shoppers or customers.  Rich linking from almost every header, number or section means drilling in for details, filtering on arbitrary groups of locations or grabbing raw excel data is always just a couple of clicks away.  Pages and reports are designed to be simple to read, intuitive to navigate, quick to load, and simple to bookmark (saved in your profile for future reference), PDF, print or share.  With a few clicks of the mouse you can create a report for any combination of locations.  For example, if you are doing a menu test in a few locations across three separate regions you can isolate those locations and compare their data to any other subset or control group.

Service Intelligence, a division of In-Touch Insight will be performing demonstrations of the new system at the NRA show coming up May 5-8 in Chicago.  Come look for them at Booth number 7957, mention this article and receive a free benchmark mystery shop of your location.

In-Touch Insight Systems

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