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Private Spring Water
January, 2010

Private Spring WaterWhatever your vision, a signature photo, stunning architecture of your building, breathtaking views, manicured lawns and tree lined drives, or luxurious décor. You can have it all, surrounding a bottle of Natural Spring Water.

PRIVATE SPRING WATER … we are an environmentally conscious, female owned, small company with a big cause. We use sustainable practices to minimize our carbon footprint. Our natural spring, plant, and the Bay Area are all located within a 150-mile radius. We are carbon neutral with PG&E's Climate Smart Program. Additionally we are 55% solar sufficient. Thank you for supporting green companies such as ours. Enjoy!

Not only is this our "mission statement" it is a hope for a brighter, cleaner future.

Private Spring Water has been providing a powerful and healthy tool to market your corporate brand, or celebrate special events, since 1996. Providing cutting edge innovative packaging, our 3D clear labels are top of the line, and offer a distinguishing way to separate you from your competition and represent your brand in superior style. We bottle Natural Spring Water, which means that it is pure water drawn from pristine springs. Private Spring Water ensures the highest quality of water during the process of collection, manufacturing and distribution. We are very proud of the product inside the bottle and believe that it is paramount for our customers to have the highest quality when they are putting their own name on the label.

As we have complete printing capabilities on site, depending on the nature of the design you wish, we offer up to 9 Pantone colors on white, foil, clear 3D stock, or a 4-color (CMYK) printing process. By using a permanent adhesive, pressure sensitive label, our labels are waterproof and will not fade.

Our bottles come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The smallest 8oz. Bottle is very popular as a perfectly refreshing business card, while our largest 1 liter bottle is a seriously thirst-quenching "billboard" for your design. We also offer the standard 16.9oz. (1/2 liter) bottle, 12oz., as well as unique shapes like our "flask" and "bullet" bottles for a truly memorable impact.

Private Spring Water's products must and do comply with the FDA's Quality Standards in Section 103.35(d)(2) of Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). These standards, along with the FDA's good manufacturing practices ensure the safety of all bottled water products from production to packaging to consumption. Private Spring Water exceeds all of these standards.

Visit 877.664.1500

Private Spring Water
13240 Llagas Avenue
San Martin,California 95046
P. 408.681.1500
F. 408.681.1504

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