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TangoTab Fills Your Most Expensive Tables...The Empty Ones
May, 2011

As a next generation digital marketer in the restaurant space, TangoTab drives traffic to restaurants when they need it most. Their revolutionary solution aligns restaurant goals with guests’ desires and builds loyalty by rewarding guests for promoting restaurants and their offers.

 “It’s all about the food, atmosphere and fun for restaurant-goers and expanding revenue streams for operators. It’s most definitely not about the coupon. That’s where a lot of existing solutions get it wrong,” says Andre Angel, TangoTab founder and CEO. 

TangoTab operates a partnership model giving restaurants flexibility to present limited time offers when it makes sense for their bottom line. There is no risk to operators; TangoTab only gets paid when they bring guests in the door.

“We put the tools and power in the hands of our partners,” says Angel. “By making it on their terms and breaking from the one-size-fits all couponing model to a hyper-local approach that’s best suited for local business.”

TangoTab has built a sizable following of potential restaurant guests awaiting news of deals at their favorite local eateries. Users are able to access deals through the TangoTab website, app, mobile alerts, Facebook, Twitter or email according to their preference. Offers are available in real time. For example, if a restaurant recognizes that Tuesday is a slow night, they can create an offer that morning for a free appetizer between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., controlling the offer, quantity and when they can expect the traffic. Just imagine walking down the street and getting a mobile alert for a deal nearby – reserving and redeeming it immediately. What’s more, guests pay the establishment directly, not TangoTab, eliminating the common confusion and frustration associated with daily deal services.

By focusing exclusively on managing restaurant traffic flow, there’s no pressure for owners to offer the deep – and often unprofitable – discounts that have left a bad taste in the mouths of many proprietors who have tried and rejected group couponing services. 

About TangoTab

Dallas based TangoTab empowers restaurants to market to a targeted audience, driving traffic and loyalty to their brand.  With marketing, technology, and social media tools TangoTab’s platform allows restaurants to interact with guests in real time and bring them in with enticing offers when they need to fill empty seats.  TangoTab builds relationships with restaurants most desirable to guests, delivering a win-win experience for both.


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